‘Dangerous Gamers’ paperback version available.

After a long struggle, the paperback version of my book, “Dangerous Gamers,” is available. Now you can read my ramblings critique of the new over-bloated class of cultural commentators and their latest controversies concerning allegedly violent, sexist, and racist media, including entertainment and (video) games.

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Sad and Rabid Cachorros, Spanish Commentariat Edition.

Yesterday, the Spanish online newspaper Crónica Global published an opinion piece about, of all the things, the Sad-Rabid Puppies Saga. It is an – interesting article, to say the least. It’s what you’d expect, really, but I was shocked by its vitriol. Although I guess that’s inevitable because, being something written for an audience that has probably never heard about the SP-RPs, one can get away with being ramblingly vicious or not bothering to source your claims. Lack of opposition, I guess.

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Disavow this post!

Today we are going to learn the difference between condemning and disavowing, especially in the context of calls for condemnation/disavowing. Why? I don’t know; I just felt an inexplicable urge to write about it. It seems like an appropriate and relevant subject, for some reason.

To condemn, criticize, or disapprove something merely means to express, publicly, that you don’t like something. It could be anything: ideas, public works, a movie, how people dress, dogs, whatever.

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“En desacuerdo conmigo = de derechas”

Si estás confuso por el caos terminológico de la Nueva Política y ya no sabes en qué lado estás o cuántos lados existen, presta atención a Lluís Lach y a Libération. Una persona normal puede dominar entre 25 000 o 35 000 palabras, pero realmente no necesitas tantas para describir la realidad social. Si alguien te molesta, irrita, o no te retuitea tus chistes, acúsale de crimen-mental (crimental?), versión Derechoso.

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