Contact: thefriskypagan@gmail.com


I wrote about games, books, sometimes psychology, rarely politics (mostly local, uninteresting stuff that happens in Spain,) and other era-defining issues (like why The Simpsons sucks after season 8)

I write in Spanish and English.

To find the article you want, or if you want to navigate the dark maze that is my mind, try using the labels at the top of the page… if you dare you can also use the search function.

About my gravatar image and WordPress nickname, they are a reference to Joshua A. Norton, Emperor of the United States and Protector of Mexico.

And about the name of this blog, it is my third blog and I didn’t want to repeat the same motif, and since I had decided I was going to write about games and mythology, literature, fantasy, etc., I thought frisky (playful) and pagan (mythological) sounded nice or catchy. At least, it sounded better than the “playful mythologist… something.”  There is no sexual connotation in frisky,  although one day I may start posting pictures of lingerie models if I get bored or run out of ideas.

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